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University Office is a private company established in Australia in 2003. The company holds offices in Australia and South Africa and is currently expanding into several other countries.

Since its foundation, University Office has developed into an international leader in Research Management and Administration applications and solutions. The company's founder worked extensively in the University community and consequently recognised the need for commercially available software solutions among both universities and research driven institutions. The company has sought to discover best practice management and administration and has deployed that best practice within its software. In particular it has sought to minimise the amount of administrative work for researchers and research managers while mimimising the research-associated risk for the institution.

University Office has helped universities in the UK, South Africa and Australia to deal with complex legislative frameworks, and still more complex administrative rules, and to deliver real savings to research organisations through minimising the impact of this complex environment. The company has also sought to manage the ever-growing sources and volumes of information required for effective decision-making through sophisticated and tailored management of output. Ongoing research and innovation ensure that University Office software continues to meet global market needs across a range of research institutions.

The size of the company's office allows it to respond to fast changing customer requirements, much faster than large software companies. For example, the IRMA product is typically 100% compliant with the complex Australian ERA specification within one month of the release of that specification.

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