IRMA is currently fully compliant with the ERA 2023 specification.

IRMA offers a fully user configurable engine for outputting data from the database into the schemas required for the ERA 2023 submission. This means that IRMA has the unique capacity to rapidly combine access to all data required for future specifications and meet the output requirements in a short period of time.

IRMA includes full 'slice and dice' of ERA information at the individual, cluster and panel levels.

The user friendly edit facilities combined with a fine-grained access sub-system means that you may allow researchers to edit data such as FOR data, which they are likely to know in detail, without being able to edit other more sensitive data.

The system incorporates a full conversion sub-system for RFCD and old style SEO, to FOR and new style SEO. This means that you can take legacy data from your current system and get it into the form required for the ERA in a very short period of time.

The ERA sub-system incorporates data on student completions and supervisions. This makes the system a one- stop shop both for staff to view their performance, but also to allow management information to be obtained to give a comprehensive view of performance information at your institution. It also has the required framework, to enable quick system changes to align with changing requirements from ARC.

It can interface to a repository to provide end-to-end submissions and accessibility for documents via SEER to assessors.

Additionally, whole ERA process can be contained within one system without having to manage several groups and their interfaces to provide the outputs to SEER.

Finally, all fields can be easily customised to suit an institution's preferred nomenclature.

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