Research Output

The Research Outputs module allows the comprehensive collection and output of all types of research output, ranging from the traditional such as a journal article through to emerging types such as YouTube posting. The powerful category description allows the addition and manipulation of data relating to any type of output.

IRMA includes a publication and citation harvest feature that provides automatic matching of harvested publications to institutional data including internal and external authors. In addition intelligent wizards are provided to assist matching provider’s data to institutional data where an automated match is not identified.

The reporting tools allow users to format data in virtually any form ranging from Excel CSV to Harvard citation format. The system may be linked to the user's digital repository and facilitate the workflows required in order to thoroughly and accurately populate your repository.

This module facilitates the Australian HERDC, and the South African DOE, annual collection and calculation of data. The system fully incorporates the complex processing conditions encountered in these countries, and with a single button press provides the data required by the Australian and South African Government departments.

Finally, the system acts as the engine for the collection of the Australian ERA data and fully meets all specified conditions.

Key data elements stored in the system are:

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